Bright surface
for business.

A building filled with light that captures your gaze, like the moon. Whitemoon has become the gemstone of the Bicocca district with its airy, open, and uncluttered presence.

Ethereal shape

Perfect in its crystal-clear transparency. An urban symbol that illuminates and inspires.

17.455 sqm

Total internal area



Leed Gold

On going certification

258 covered
50 uncovered


Connection gate

150m M5 Ponale
400m M5 Bignami

12 Floors



3 Reception



Above your greatest expectations

A rich, interwoven urban and social network, constantly evolving between business and lifestyle.

Whitemoon is part of the vast urban landscape transformation plan that developed the Milano Bicocca area from its previous predominantly manifacturing use to its current status. The property is located in the northern area of Milan, once considered at the outskirts of the city, and the seat of industrial activities. Since the 1980s, it has been at the heart of a significant renewal process that is well connected with the city centre, and the surrounding production districts. A dynamic and constantly evolving mosaic, with a rich and dense territory dotted with parks, residences, shops, and production activities. Moreover, the area is home to universities, international companies, and centres of excellence in knowledge, culture and entertainment.

Everything at hand

Milan’s acceleration and connection gate to the world.

M5 - Ponale150 m2 min.
Tram 31150 m2 min.
FS Garibaldi5 km10 min.
FS Centrale5 km15 min.
A4 Torino-Venezia4 km10 min.
SS36 Monza Lecco Como4 km10 min.
Linate12 km20 min.
Orio al Serio46 km40 min.
Malpensa50 km45 min.

Welcoming experience

A urban garden embraces the building, a responsive and welcoming area between workspace and the city.

The new urban garden flows into the long tree-lined avenue by Fulvio Testi. The double-height windows on the ground floor create an invisible barrier between the building’s interior and the gardens: a natural, living frame where greenery overlooks the common areas, thus breathing life into the building. Whitemoon is reinterpreted and opened to the city, starting from the new entrance with the construction of a new central portal, aimed at welcoming pedestrian paths from the external public space to the internal private area. The space is enhanced through light, by cleverly playing with reflections: transparency ensures natural lighting at any time of day while embellishing the building.

Smart workplace

The new efficient, expandable and functional spaces, with a special place of inspiration.

The redevelopment combines high formal values with great spatial versatility. The project stems from simple geometric elements that are revisited to respond to the best functional characteristics. Internal flows and distribution dynamics ensure privacy between tenants and allow them to respond to evolving and changing business needs. Its distinctive mark is the circle. This perfect geometric element and symbol of the moon, has an opening to gaze towards infinity, ignite creativity, and light the way for business.

A privileged view on Milan

On going certification
Via Cordusio 1
20123 Milano
Agenti per la commercializzazione

Via Filippo Turati 16/18
20121 Milano

Piazza Armando Diaz 7
20123 Milano

Branding & Visual Design
Progetto di
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